Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Pops

coke Have you ever had a certain place that it is the only place you will go to for a drink?  Well I MUST only go to one place to get a big pop.  Chisholm Corner across from the hospital is my place of choice.  I so dearly love their 44 oz cokes.  Extra syrup and the fun variety of folks who work the window.  Michelle, who has been at that location long before it was ever Chisholm Corner, is our favorite one.  See…we make special trips on Saturday and Sundays, just for a pop.  Sometimes we have other stuff to do, but for the most part, it has become a weekend family trip.  Both days.  Big pops all around! 

My hubby just calls me from his truck asking me to tell him whether to stop and get one now or later as he is coming back through town.  He works for the local paper.  He gets to run all over town all day and be in the nice weather.  Me, stuck at a cubicle desk without any windows but that is a whole other story.  Anyway, I tell him just wait til he is coming back through town.  He says reason he called me was because he knew I would say get one now (cause I usually would)!  If he waited though, I might squeeze one out of him! mwaa haa haa  But the stinker is getting one now.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.

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