Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitchen addition

My kitchen addition is in the works.  We are getting a cabinet with a rolling drawer for the trash, book shelves for my cookbooks and a bar-heighth eating area.  I am very excited.  They are going to put the laminate on the bar.  We are going to go find a pretty “barley twist” leg to have on the end.  Rebekah has already picked out her eating spot.   Probably won’t be done before I leave for Washington, D.C. but hopefully they will be real close to getting it done by the time I get back.  We are getting hardwood floors done too.  This all just completes the kitchen out.  It always seemed like half a kitchen.  Something was missing.  I’ll have to post pictures when it is done.

Kraft First Taste

If you aren’t a part of this program, you need to be.  Lots of free foods to try that you will more than likely start buying.  Go here and log in if you have an account.  Check your My Offers on the left.  If you don’t have an account, get one, now. :-)  Once you try the products you come back and tell them how you like it.

Taco Bell Freebie! Yum!

Go here to get a FREE Limeade sparkler drink.  Sounds tasty!