Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To get away

Sometimes it is nice to get away from the normal day to day of work, home, work, home.  Then again, it is nice to have work, home, work, home. :-)  I miss my sweetie and my girls.  I need hugs and kisses and to be tackled in the living room.  At least it won't be long til I'm back home from this conference.  The food is good and I am looking forward to the seafood tonight.  I heart seafood.  It is funny how different people are at conferences.  I am one who rarely says much.  I learn from others and figure there isn't much for me to share with them.  Susan on the other hand, who I am here with, is that person who people say "You've hit your question limit!" but if it wasn't for her, people like me wouldn't get much out of the meetings.  It takes all kinds.   

I need tackled.....and a Chisholm Corner big pop!

1 comment:

  1. they really missed you too!
    poor lil katie thinks daddy has gone to texas now
    because he is just at work as i told her...and got promptly 'put in my place',ha!!!! i missed u 2!